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Policy Compliance - Cisco NX OS vs Cisco IOS

Question asked by Ajay Desai on Sep 4, 2018

In regards to the Policy Compliance instance within Qualys - Is anyone familiar/know what happens when you merge two different technologies (Cisco NX OS and IOS) under the same policy? I know you can then use some NX OS policies and apply to IOS but noticed that there are only some controls for NX OS and some for IOS and vice versa. A little confused as to how combining these two technologies under one policy is beneficial. After combining the, I noticed that there were some CIDs that could be utilized for either technology and applied only to one technology (for example - adding a specific CID for NX OS but shows up under IOS policy only applicable to NX OS technology) (Utilized CIS for Cisco IOS and Secure Configuration and Policy Compliance for NX OS).