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Query related to multiple KB's attached with single QID

Question asked by Ashish Sharma on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Jordan Greene

Hi All,


I have 2 questions. 


1. I have a query that in Qualys there are multiple KB's attached with a single QID. Multiple KB's are there based on different operating systems (like QID - 91465, it has KB's "KB4343674,KB4343898,KB4343888,KB4343900,KB4343899,KB4343901,KB4343896,KB4343887,KB4343892,KB4343885,KB4343897,KB4343909,4341832,KB4340937,KB4344104,KB4340939,KB4338380" attached).


But if my server is having OS as Windows server 2008 R2 then I have to check each and every KB to find out which KB is for Windows Server 2008 R2 and this takes lot of time as we are having multiple servers and there are multiple QID's for the same issue.


Is there any option in Qualys to filter out the KB in QID as per our server or machine OS?


2. Also there are 3 types of patch update provided by Microsoft i.e. Monthly Rollup, Security Only, Security Update.

But if in my organisation we update only Monthly Rollup as it contains the update of Security only patch as well.

In QID there are KB's provided for both Monthly Rollup and Security Only. 


Is there any way to segregate Monthly Rollup KB and Security Only KB? So that we can provide it in our report to Server team for patching?