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PC Scan ESX/ESXi via vCenter

Question asked by downinej on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by Tim White

Back in 8.14 Qualys release notes it was mentioned that: 

  • Scan ESX/ESXi via vCenter – You can now scan ESX/ESXi targets through a vCenter server rather than through direct connections to those targets.  This reduces network impact and scanning time, allowing more efficient configuration assessment of ESX/ESXi targets.  For more information on scanning of ESX/ESXi via vCenter as well as information on the discovery of these targets, please review the release notes on the Qualys Cloud Platform Release Notes page.

But following those release notes it seems that the Policy Compliance Scanning through vCenter was missing? I saw where they included the "Map discovery of vCenter hosts in the Qualys VM Module" . But I can't seem to find any documentation for Policy Compliance scans being able to pull configs of ESx/ESXi targets through vCenter.