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Setting up unified view of assets

Question asked by charles robbins on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Rusty Qualyz
Branched from an earlier discussion

We have Cloud Agents on all assets then run and authenticated scan to get remote exploit information.  The hope is that a if we have agentless tracking set up ( hositd in /etc/qualys) and cloud agent unified view that we will see just one asset in Assetview with a unified view of the vulnerabilities from cloud agent and the scan


The authenticated scan shows the information about QID 45179. I think agentless tracking is set up correctly. However if I make sure that only the cloud agent is visible in AV before the scan, after the scan a second asset appears. This is not what I expected. If I do a report on the IP address it shows results from two instances of the IP address


Maybe my understanding is incorrect. Should I just see one asset in AV combining the information from the cloud agent and the authenticated scan?