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API to add static tag on host object?

Question asked by Jake VanMast on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by Jeff Leggett

I'm investigating how to use any Qualys API to put a "one time" static tag on Qualys host asset object(s), and am looking for any pointers/suggestions.  We have the requirement of being able to tag assets by DNS name (specific hosts, a regexp will not satisfy every case), and for this purpose Groovy is not recommended.  I've created a static tag via AssetView, where "Rule Engine" is set to "No Dynamic Rule", and the host already exists as well.  I'm trying to use curl to trigger adding the existing tag to the existing host.


I've tried using examples in the Qualys document: "Asset Management and Tagging API v2" with no success;  specifically "hostasset" and/or "asset" UPDATE using the tag name.  I've tried using the Tag ID also with the same results.  I'm able to use the corresponding SEARCH API method to return the host details using the same filter criteria.


I have noticed weirdness in that tag SEARCH filters don't seem to work for me (I get back all tags instead of the one(s) specific to filter criteria), which makes me wonder if I'm failing to specify the tag correctly by name or id.


Trying to understand whether I'm on the right track, or if there is another API call I should be looking at here.