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Server Windows 2016

Question asked by Zelda Zilla on Aug 8, 2018
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So, what are the ports that NEEED to be opened on a local firewall. I had an issue today where I added a brand new server into Qualys running win16. It failed gave no information at all. The person who stood this server up helped me trouble shoot as well as collaborating with my network analysis team for firewall rules. Everything was good. Except the local firewall my partner tried turning off the firewall and it magically gave results. So in turn he is going to add ports for  Qualys the other person was not as generous he wants explanation. Well I will be going to my Wind admin to tell him to open ports for Qualys if he wants it scanned. I need the series. I thought they were 443 445 139. When i look up this question it gives me explanation but no port numbers no protocols.  So what are the needed ports for exceptions in firewall?