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Report via API / Powershell not being launched

Question asked by Sam Friday on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by Sam Friday

We have a process set up to grab all the asset groups with certain naming convention and use them to build a report for each then fetch the report and add it to a DB then delete the report and move on to the next asset group.

The issue is that it will run the first few reports then (according to the activity logs) launch a report  but the report does not show it ever got built in the activity logs thus our process gets stuck looking for it.

Is it possible that the process times out after 8hrs?  If so we will change the API script to sign out an then back in.

First created report at 13:27:05 (GMT-0500) create
Last report ( NOT created but said it was ) at 21:15:10 (GMT-0500) create