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Qualys API to get subscription details as seen in 'Help->Account info' in the portal

Question asked by Joby Job on Jun 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by Tom Noorman

Hi Community,


I am working on to expose certain Rest End points in Java that aggregates and enhances the info from various Qualys modules. As part of this, I want to develop endpoints that can show the subscription details as one sees after they log into Qualys portal, under the "Help->Account info".


Specifically I would need APIs for below items:


1. General info:

           Account type


           Sevice Agreement Validity




2. Account Summary:

          Get list of enabled modules (eg: Vulnerability management, Policy compliance etc)


3. VM Summary:


             IPs puchased

             IPs in subscription

             Unique hosts scanned

             Map history & Next Map schedule

             Scan history & Next scan schedule

             Tickets - Open and overdue


4. PC summary:

              IPs purchased

              IPs in subscription

              Unique hosts scanned

              Scan histtory and next schedule


5. WAS (Web Application Scanning) Summary

              Subscription details and limits


6. Report share

              used and available free space.


Please find attachment as well.


Thanks in advance for providing the API details for fetching these info.