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Blackout Windows and Agent Conflicts with Citrix XenApp

Question asked by Steven Heranic on Jun 7, 2018

We've recently run into issues with the Cloud Agent negatively impacting the performances of some Citrix XenApp servers to the point of preventing users from logging in.  Qualys support acknowledged an issue with the design of the agent causing the problem and will be addressing it in a future release.  In the interim they suggested using the Blackout Windows and extended scan interval as a way to prevent scans from happening during peak times. 


2 Questions to pose

1. Have you in the community experienced issues with with the Agent on XenApp servers causing high disk utilization and have you found any alternative work around for this?

2. With the Configuration Profiles we currently have set, adding extra profiles for blackout windows seems like it would cause administrative headaches to manage?  How are you in the community managing blackout windows that are needed for a subset of devices?




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