Laurent Poulain

SSL Server Test: Performing like a champ

Discussion created by Laurent Poulain on Jun 5, 2018

The saying is that nobody ever posts on a support forum when everything's fine. I will prove this saying wrong by taking the time to praise the SSL Server Test tool (I am not affiliated with Qualys in any way).


As both a Technical Support Engineer supporting a CMS and as a TLS enthusiast who has been studying the various ways TLS can be broken, I have found Qualys SSL Server Test to be an invaluable tool. I have sent to many of my customers a report of their Website, educating them about the need to properly configure SSL/TLS. And I have relied on the tool's data to get more information about new trends in SSL security.


This Server Test has been my go-to-tool for several years whenever I need to check how the SSL configuration of a site, and use it several times a week.


So thank you to the team responsible for creating and maintaining this tool.