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Cloud Agent & Asset Groups

Question asked by Chris Jones on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Shyam Raj

Hi All,


I'm asking for guidance on CA and AG's.

Scenario for my question: network

Lets say I have 10 assets with agents installed (Windows Servers) & 10 different assets tracked via IP (Switches, router, printers). Location is "Office A". I have 20 total assets.

I map the 1.0/24 range and it finds 20 assets. I select to add all assets to an asset group - "AG-Office A". I get prompted to add the IP's to my subscription. I agree, then continue to create the asset group which holds 20 assets. All good so far..........

I now perform a scan on that group, checking the box to "Scan agent hosts".

Once complete, I go into Asset View and search for assets in that group ( `AG-Office A`) and I get a result of 30 - Comprises 10 Windows servers tracked by CA, 10 windows servers tracked by IP (The same 10 tracked by CA) and 10 Other devices tracked by IP.


Q1: Why did I need to "Add to my subscription" the 10 assets that have Cloud Agent (In this case all servers with Static IP)?

Q2: Why is this duplication happening? They remain there until I delete the IP Tracked servers but now my asset group only has 10 assets - The IP Tracked other devices.

I'm missing something here.......


I recall from QSC17 that the ability to add Cloud Agent assets to Asset Groups was complete.


Suggestions, tips, or just point out the blindingly obvious - All answers greatly received.