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VM Search Beta questions

Question asked by ds0101 on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by ds0101

We are participating in the VM Search Beta, and so far we are liking the additional functionalities that it provides. But was wondering if there is any way to export the results of the searches? It doesn't look like the option is there and this is a much needed functionality for us to distribute the results. 

Also, is there a way to create search that include asset tags? for example.. I'd like to create a search that gives me all level 3 QID's excluding assets that are tagged as excluded, something similar to the below


"not ExcludedQIDs and not vulnerability.title: 'Oracle Java' and (vulnerabilities:(vulnerability.severity:"3" and typeDetected: "Confirmed"))


Also, we have some exclusion policies in place which are set to not create tickets but these excluded vulnerabilities are shown in the searches. How should we construct the query to not include these exceptions? For example, can i create a search like the below

vulnerabilities.status:ACTIVE and vulnerabilities.typeDetected:Confirmed and not Policy: 'Approved Exceptions"


So the search will give the results of all active and confirmed QID's but it will filter out any QID's that are part of the Approved exception policy. Can this be done?


Thank you!