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Preflight Validation Failed

Question asked by Tihomir Metodiev on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by Tihomir Metodiev

Hello Team,


I have just started working with the SSL Labs API and seems like when I try to do a Analyze or AutomaticAnalyze I get no data due to Preflight validation not passed

  "host": null,
  "port": 0,
  "protocol": null,
  "isPublic": false,
  "status": null,
  "statusMessage": null,
  "startTime": 0,
  "testTime": 0,
  "engineVersion": null,
  "criteriaVersion": null,
  "endpoints": null,
  "Header": {
    "statusCode": 0,
    "statusDescription": null
  "HasErrorOccurred": true,
  "Errors": [
      "field": null,
      "message": "Host does not pass preflight validation. No Api call has been made."
  "Wrapper": {
    "ApiPassCount": 1,
    "ApiCommandUrl": null,
    "ApiRawResponse": null

I suspect that I am missing something really basic but seem like not able to find it. Can you please take a look? Every advice would be welcomed.


Here is the code used:

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)

            var hostname = "";   //this is not the domain I am tesing with.
            var ssllService = new SSLLabsApiService("");
            var check = ssllService.AutomaticAnalyze(hostname);
            var newcheck = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(check,Formatting.Indented);


Thanks you in advance!