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Datapower Soap Envelope Header Values from Request

Question asked by Elena Kretova on Mar 29, 2018

I am having a WS Proxy in Datapower . Both the customer and the backends are HTTP . My ask for contains a cleanser header that has values like : wsa:Action wsa:MessageID wsa:ReplyTo timestamp

The backend doesnt require every one of these qualities , so they are stripped of before sending a cnverted demand to the backend and clearly these are not there in the reaction which I get once again from backend. Presently when I send a reaction back to the customer from Datapower , I require every one of these qualities back in the reaction cleanser headers . A

recently made timestamp which lapses after 5 mins . Activity MessageID ReplyTo

Is there any approach to return them. I dont need to do it from xslt , as I beleive there is some inbuilt help from Datapower to deal with this .