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API delete all IPs from asset group

Question asked by Luigi Pardey on Mar 27, 2018
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Is there a straightforward way to delete IPs from an asset group via the API?



The AG edit API ("") accepts parameters "set_ips" and "remove_ips".In the API documentation you can find the following text:

The “set” (overwrite) and “remove” operations can cause the asset group to have no IPs, domains, etc depending on the parameter


However, I cannot find a way to cause the AG to have no IPs because...

  • set_ips does not allow empty values
  • remove_ips does not allow multiple Class A networks (


I cannot figure out any other way to remove ALL IPs from an asset group, other than the rather convoluted (and very slow) sequence of steps:

  1. List asset groups
  2. select target asset group
  3. Parse XML to extract all IP_SET entries
  4. Join the parsed IP_SET entries to a comma-separated list
  5. Call the AG edit API with remove_ips=this_long_string...


Conversely, set_dns_names accepts an empty value, and removes all DNS names from the asset group...


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