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Vulnerability scan not reporting full details of vulnerabilities for software

Question asked by Yee Lan Magill on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Yee Lan Magill

When I run a full authentication scan on our workstations some of our devices do not report back software vulnerabilities - i.e window patches, browser patches etc.

These same machines also do not list installed software and within this section it says - run a scan on your host to get software information.

Os type differs for those that do scan full verse those that dont

for example a windows 10 device that does scan shows as

where as one that does scan shows as


I have ran scans multiple times and the same host reports (or rather does not report) the same information every time.

Is there some setting/requiment for endpoint to enable these scans from collecting all the required information.


Note- test have been ran on the same vlan and same group policy would be applied to these workstation that work and not work.

I have confirmed that the windows authentication credentials are passing for successfully for each host


windows 7 and windows 10 machine both report a mixture of results