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Can Groovy Asset Tagging access/search static Asset Groups for hostnames?

Question asked by Jake VanMast on Feb 15, 2018

Qualys tagging by DNS hostname, via Asset Group, is broken (CRM#[19585]). I see a Groovy tagging example which could work around this issue:



        return false;

    def hostnameArray = ["","","",]

    def name =


        return true

    return false



From what I've read, using map.containsKey() might scale better, however either method puts the hostname list in the script. For hostname list maintainability, I would rather check against a Qualys maintained list, like Asset Group, which supports User/Activity Log change tracking.


I see no documentation on the Qualys supported Groovy classes/methods in documentation or community, and most community Groovy threads end unanswered with customers asking for a Qualys Groovy library guide. Does anyone know if it's possible to access Asset Groups? 


    ### nonworking code, for example / pseudo code


        return false;


    return new AssetGroup('MyGroup').names.contains(



I've not used Groovy before, is there some way to learn the available classes/methods with and the Tag Edit/"Test Applicability" feature? Or is there a way to obtain the Java .jar and deconstruct to learn the implemented libraries?