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VM scheduled scans and maps errors, appliances offline

Question asked by Robert S-B on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by DMFezzaReed

Hi all,


last 2 weeks we've issues with appliances in 2 separate subscriptions.

I'm getting email that appliances are offline even if  they're online, connected & Heartbeat Checks Missed is 0.


The error occurs when 2 scans are running on same appliance. I raised case to support and got response that I should not to run more than 1 scan at once ?!?



- 1st scan is scheduled and running

- 2nd scan is scheduled to run after start of 1st scan + 5 mins

- 2nd scan is queued

- 2nd scan is running

- after some time appliance available capacity is changed to 4%

- 1st scan status is changed to Finished with exclamation mark

- 1st scan status is changed to Error

- 2nd scan is still running until 3th scan is started, etc.


Last year I had no issue to schedule 100-200 scans on same appliance and all finished fine.


Any idea ?