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Why does retrieving asset data with API return different number of records?

Question asked by James Curran on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by James Curran

I’m attempting to retrieve the Qualys asset list via the API. The record count between manually generation and the results differ. Generating the list via the API returns ~1500 fewer assets.

The Parameters of the API call are:

parameters = {'action': 'search', 'output_format':'csv', 'tracking_method':'IP', 'asset_groups':'All', 'display_ag_titles':'1', 'last_vm_scan_days':'60','last_vm_scan_modifier':'within'}

call = '/api/2.0/fo/report/asset/'



The process for manual generation is:

 Vulnerability Management > Asset Search


-Asset Groups: All

-Include asset group titles in results

-Last Scan Date within 60 days