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Is it possible to retrieve Ports and Services, Certificates Data via Python with API?

Question asked by James Curran on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by Nick Waits

Is it possible to use the API to gather data that is manually gathered in these ways:
1.Application Picker - Vulnerability Management > Assets > Ports and Services
   a.Specify filters for Asset Groups
   b.To retrieve fields: IP, DNS Host Name, Service, Protocol, Port, Default Service, Date First Found, Date Last Updated, Network


2.Application Picker - Vulnerability Management > Assets > Certificates
   a.To retrieve fields: Status, Name / Organization, Issuer, Algorithm, Invalid After / Before, Key Size, Port, Grade, Last Found, IP / Hostname


Additionally, I’m able to retrieve the knowledge database, except I’m missing one attribute in the data: Sub-Category. I’m using python to pull via the API. The call and parameters are below, is there a parameter to include the Sub-Category field?
parameters = {'action': 'list', 'details':'All'}
call = '/api/2.0/fo/knowledge_base/vuln/'

Is it possible that not all data is accessible via API?


For reference, I found a similar question that has yet to be answered: