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Force a cloud agent check in?

Question asked by derekv on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Chris Carlson

Does anyone know if you can force a cloud agent check in? My company has been testing the cloud agent so fairly new to the agent...



Desktop team has patched a workstation and wants to know if their patches were successful. I scanned the workstation via an on prim scanner; however, we have 6 hour upload periods due to network constraints. So when I run a report, all the findings showing up are noted as being tracked via the "QAGENT" but have a 2 day old last detection (computer was offline and I assume is still checking in at this point).



Is there a way to force the check in and make it dump all data right away? Or would I have to have a separate profile for my Desktop team's test workstation and just have them check in more frequently? Anyone else running into or have experienced said issues? 


Also, can anyone tell me why the scan I did with my on prim scanner didn't update findings/records? Once the agent is installed, are only network based vulnerabilities detected by on prim scanners? Or am I not checking the right things in an option profile or something?


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