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Is it possible to change a dtd template?

Question asked by Ignace De Cock on Dec 28, 2017
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I have just started playing around in qualys and I was wondering if it was possible to change a dtd template so that i could decide what the XML export would look like?


The end goal would be so that i can flatten the XML to put it in a database. This way it would be much easier to create decent dashboards without the use of excel (which is horrible).


At this point my excel looks something like this. Just the "total app" and the last 5 columns are calculated values (so not from the scan itself)


IPServer Nametotal APPDomainCompanyApplicationEnvironmentTierOS TypeDNSNetBIOSTracking MethodOSIP StatusQIDTitleVuln TypeVuln StatusTypeSeverityPortProtocolFQDNSSLFirst DetectedLast DetectedTimes DetectedDate Last FixedCVE IDVendor ReferenceBugtraq IDCVSSCVSS BaseCVSS TemporalCVSS EnvironmentCVSS3CVSS3 BaseCVSS3 TemporalResultsPCI VulnTicket StateInstanceCategorypatchableTime "Text Format"Time "Date Format"MyCategoryOlder then 6 monthsUID


I wanna switch to sql as this would be a much more reliable and quicker data source then excel.