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Failure to Authenticate on WAS Scan

Question asked by Curtis Fisher on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2017 by Robert Dell'Immagine

Good day,

I have an angular application for this new client.  In Selenium, the script cannot find the window using either Title or name, so it times out.  I had to build the script by hand, because if Selenium cannot find the window, it will not record either.  It was only after running the hand-built script that the problem became known, because It would not find the window by title or by name, both of which the page had.  So then I went to the community and found this entry: - It says that Authentication should work and they wanted a Selenium script to be sent – But this is all in the forum and there is no answer or followup.


I have been trying to make the Form Authentication work for this since getting Selenium to work was an issue.  I have tried custom and named the ID’s explicitly – no workie. 


There is something in this application that is preventing both Qualys and Selenium from working properly, and I may need one of your engineers to figure out why Qualys Form Authentication is not working for this.  I asked the developers for ID’s in the userid and password, and they implemented them, and the form validation still fails on the discovery scan.  However, if Selenium can’t find the window to enter the data, then it stands to reason that this could be the issue for Forms validation not working either.  


I can show meta data that may be “hiding” the page.  The cloaking is supposed to help with displaying the app and not the app template first, but there could be something here that hides the page from Qualys and Selenium.  Very strange, but this is the first real Client Application written in Angular we have tested, all have been Forms-based web apps which has been our experience. 


Thank you...