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Such Wild Differences From Asset Search and AssetView

Question asked by Colton Pepper Employee on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by DMFezzaReed

I have 2 different subscriptions. In both of them, I get different a different count of assets when comparing my Asset Search results with AssetView. The difference in results are pretty wild and I really need to figure out what is going on and how can I get AssetView to show the correct information (my own records indicate that the Asset Search results are more accurate). Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! I've given some basic details of the two subscriptions incase any of it helps.


Subscription A:

US Platform 2

"Networks" feature enabled

Using Free & VM Agents

AWS Connectors being used


Asset Search vs. AssetView Difference: 6,839 (AssetView Being High)


Subscription B:

US Platform 1

Using Free & VM Agents


Asset Search vs. AssetView Difference: 53,028 (AssetView Being High)


This wild difference for Subscription B has been growing and growing for some time now (for at least 3-4 months now) and it has only been until recently where Subscription A is starting to show similar symptoms. Anyone have any idea or have had similar issues?


Those with VERY large Qualys accounts (~100k+ assets), do you have any issues similar to these? What are some issues you've encountered with the asset management piece within your subscription?


Any thoughts would be helpful! Thank you everyone!


- Colton