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Are there any known issues with authentication records failing with Auth0?

Question asked by Jeremy Donahue on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by Mathijs van Gool

I have an app that I'm trying to run a scan on.

The initial login page is an Auth0 one which starts off blank and then the sign in form pops up within a second or two of the page loading.


So far the authentication status keeps coming up as failed.

My only guess is that since the sign in form takes a second to render on the page maybe something is off with how Qualys interacts with it.


At first, I was trying to use basic authentication, and that kept failing. I thought maybe it's because the input fields weren't technically called 'Username'/'Login' and 'Password'.


So I then set a 'Custom' login and named the fields 'email' and 'password' because that's what they are called in the HTML. That also failed.


I was trying to create a Selenium Script, but unfortunately, the IDE (which is only for Firefox) is incompatible with the current version of Firefox.


Has anyone had similar issues? If so, what was the solution?