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Specific reporting on microsoft monthly patch bundle

Question asked by Michael Fennell on Oct 12, 2017

Hi Community

I am hoping someone on here can help me, I am trying to do some analysis on a specific asset we have and so far what I have tired is a search list for the September cumulative security patch against the actual server.

But I am getting results back with links to the patches on the MS site which some are not for the specific release / os of the server. Can anyone advise on how I would specifically get the information relating specifically to that OS ?

Basically to explain a little more I am running a patch report against cumulative security patch September 2017 and windows server 2008 sp1 but the links/kb references it brings back are referencing systems like windows 10 or 8 or desktop OS which is not helpful.

So I am thinking either these vulnerabilities are actual core windows ones which means it would appear across the windows os spectrum or I am looking at this the wrong way ?, it would not be great if I had to specifically target the MS KB references to be specific or is that the only way this can be done ?

Hopefully this makes sense, I would appreciate any input or advise here so I can try decipher what I am seeing.