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Remediation Policy conditions - Auto Assign ticket to individuals

Question asked by ds0101 on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2017 by djprakash

I'm trying to create a Remediation Policy that auto assigned tickets to an individual user and I'm facing some obstacles in doing so, the obstacle is that under the "Actions" tab - "Assigned to:" I can only see Manager and Unit Manager users, however the Qualys guide under the "User Roles and Privileges" section states that Reporting and Remediation can be done by Managers, Unit Managers, Scanners, and Reader. Is this correct? .


Here is what I have so far to keep it simple. I have a Business Unit for Workstations. Lets call it BUW, the BUW has a manager M and 4 users, U1, U2,U3,U4 with Scanner access. The BUW also has been assigned the Workstation Groups.


What I want to do is, assigned all QID tickets to U1, U2,U3, U4 for assets from the Workstation Group.


Here is the problem. When I create the Remediation Policy under the Actions tab - Assign to- the drop down menu only shows users with these options, "User Running Scan", "Asset Owner", "Unit Manager" and "Manager". 


It does not show the Scanner users that I want to assign the ticket to. Am I missing a step somewhere? Can someone provide some clarification on how to assign tickets to individual users?