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Invisible template created via API?

Question asked by Dan Zerkle on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by Dan Zerkle

This is a follow up toError creating template via API.


I have the API and XML code that creates the template for API 2.0.  It works fine for me, but it does not work for my colleague.


When he runs the API script, it appears that he creates the template successfully:


 Scan Report Template(s) Created Successfully [6540] 


However, when the script attempts to launch a report based on the template, it doesn't work:


 Error 1905: parameter template_id has invalid value: 6540 (Tried to launch invalid report.) 


The only difference is that my account has access level "Scanner", and his has "Unit Manager".


Also, when he attempts to run the script a second time, he gets an error about not being able to create the template, because that title already exists.


Also, the new template is not visible to my account or his account from the GUI.


The XML I used to create the template does not specify an "owner" field.  Could that cause the API call to create a usable template for a Scanner, but not for a Unit manager?