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CAA and Amazon Route 53

Question asked by สุรศักดิ์ ซีไอเอส²พี on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by สุรศักดิ์ ซีไอเอส²พี

Hi. I've tried creating a CAA record on Amazon Route 53 for my site as follows:

0 issue ";"
0 issue ";"
0 issue ";"
iodef ";"

But last one wouldn't be allowed so it had to be removed for now. Having checked with it appears to have picked that up saying "✔ All looks good". However, SSL Labs still doesn't report CAA for my site. Anyone has successfully done this with Amazon Route 53 or has any idea what I'm doing wrong? Note that I've tried both with and without semicolon before the quote at the end of each line. Route 53 suggests doing it with the semicolon while SSLMate doesn't.