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Finding hosts not alive from scan via API?

Question asked by Dan Zerkle on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Dan Zerkle

I'm brand-new to Qualys, but I've been able to pull some information from the 2.0 API.


My user wants the information about "non-responsive" hosts as shown by the summary of a vulnerability scan.  This should just be a list of IP addresses.  How can I use the API to get that list?  Pulling the scan results takes too long, produces far too much data, and I don't even see the results I want there.  (They might be hidden behind all the vulnerability info.)


I.e., when you view a report with the Web GUI, there's a "Hosts Not Scanned" section, and that contains a sub-section for "Hosts Not Alive".  How do I get that list from the API?


This is QualysGuard Enterprise.