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Remove tags via GUI?

Question asked by Jonathan Clutter on Aug 20, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by Jonathan Clutter

I've been searching, but haven't found any instructions to remove tags using the gui.

So far, I have only found how to apply tags and create tags.

To remove tags, I'm having to pull all the asset from a tag, put the list into Excel, compare against my known static list of assets that should have that tag, identify the host ID, and remove any IDs from the tag that aren't in the list. 

This is very inconvenient.

I would prefer a way to do it from the gui by clicking an x on located on each tag listed for each asset in a search result. This might also be a lot of manual work, but at least I only need to use one application interface to do it and can task lower skilled users to do it.