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Discrepancies Between AV Dashboard Numbers and Report Metrics

Question asked by Colton Pepper Employee on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by djprakash

I'm really puzzled by information that I'm seeing. I've got a dashboard within AssetView that says the number of ETERNALBLUE vulnerabilities within our environment. I've ran a report that creates a CSV document that includes all vulnerabilities in the environment. After filtering out all QIDs except 91345, the number I get is drastically different than the number that my dashboard widget gives me (also only report 91345).


After noticing this, I'm seeing that this is a recurring circumstance on many vulnerabilities that I'm reporting on within AV. Now I'm questioning which metric source should I be using? If the report I ran is more accurate, then what is AV looking at to get its number and why even use AV (or the report) if the numbers aren't accurate? Any info on this would be great! I'd also be willing to provide any screenshots of queries or report settings.



- Colton