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SPLUNK and Qualys Apss:problems from newbie.

Question asked by Alex Clares on Jul 12, 2017

Hi, I´m new at Splunk but not ad Qualys.

We have recently implemented Splunk Enterprise at our company, and I´m trying to make the app work agains Qualys using the API (I´m using a trial license of Api). Also, the instance of splunk is a simple with developer license.

I had apps instaled:

Also, TA-Qualys Cloud Platform configured to my asigned API server:


Data source configured:



But I have incomplete data at dashoboards:




Most recent vulnerability published in 2016? I have also empty results of my scans.


I have an emtpy log file (now using 6.5.1 of splunk, but same behaviour with latest release)


Am I doing anything wrong? Do i have double limitation? (Qualys API trial and Splunk developer license?)


Thanks in advance.