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How could one remove stale assets?

Question asked by Daniel Gomez on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by Shyam Raj

Hello all,


I was hoping I could get some light shed on a question I have regarding purging assets. Let's say I added this range to my subscription - I completed a map scan. Now I have some hosts which I added to an asset group called "my company". I go ahead and do some vuln scans.  


Now I will give some scenarios and what I think happens. If any of you would ratify my assumptions or correct them, that would be of most help to me. 


If I purge the asset group called "my company" then it would clear all data associated with the assets found within the asset group, but the actual assets themselves would remain. 


If I choose remove IP, add the asset group "my company" then it would not only clear all data , removing IP would also remove the assets that I had found with the map scans, and remove them from my subscription. 



Are my assumptions true?


What I am seeking out to do is remove stale assets without removing the IP's from my subscription. Is this possible?