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How to properly serve 2 certificates on the same IP (different domains)

Question asked by Jordan Coil on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by Marco Hartgring

Hi, I am wondering how to properly serve 2 certificates on the same IP. Each certificate has a different domain however. For Example, the certificate that is being used is the clients own SSL point to their domain ( but there is another certificate that is a wildcard for all of our client sites that is not being used (*


We use the * certificate as a catchall SSL for clients without their own domain. All our client sites are hosted as subdomains ( but some of them will have their own domains pointing at our IP, which we then will route to the proper subdomain.


Running a clients own domain with their own SSL though Qualys SSLLabs tool shows the second certificate as "Common Names: * MISMATCH" and "Trusted: No NOT TRUSTED".


My main specific questions are:
Is this even something that warrants resolving, or is this standard?

What needs to happen for only one certificate to be served on an IP for clients with their own SSLs


If you need any more information to help answer, please don't hesitate to ask.