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API issues with Policy Compliance Scans

Question asked by Eric Rubin on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by charles robbins

I'm on US Platform 1. I'm having new trouble with the Policy Compliance API--everything was working just fine until around the upgrade (but I can't pinpoint it exactly on that time--it may have started a day or two before.)


Now sporadically when I make the API using Python requests module to:


With either action=list or action=launch, one of two things happens:







    <TEXT>This API cannot be run again until 1 currently running instance has finished.</TEXT>










OR worse yet: I get no response back at all from the POST. 


This is only happening for PC scans, and it isn't affecting VM scans at all, and the behavior is inconsistent. It seems like to me that the call is getting locked for an entire hour before I can make another run at it (either launch/list). Which is kind of ironic since the API improvement was to 300 calls/hour.


Anybody else see this?


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