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AWS OS's Not Showing Up In AV

Question asked by Colton Pepper Employee on Jun 1, 2017

When I do an Asset Search in the VM module with the attributes "Tracking Method = EC2" AND "Operating System CONTAINS Windows Server 2012", my results bring back 158. I created a tag from that asset search and when I look at the results for the new tag inside AssetView, I only have 81 assets.


Here's some more background: In AV, I have a lot of AWS assets that have an OS name that contains their hostname and "(windows)" at the end. It's really strange so I searched for the instance ID from the 158 assets from the asset search results and found that it's true OS is Windows Server 2012 R2. I have a feeling that this is why AV isn't tagging all 158 assets with the right tag. Where is the disconnect in information? Obviously Qualys has this information but AV isn't reporting it correctly. Any help would be great!!!!



- Colton