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Authentication Status=Not Attempted?

Question asked by Sameer Pattanaik on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2017 by Sameer Pattanaik

I have few windows server in my environment against which the authentication record status is mentioned as "Not Attempted". A detailed status message : "The host was not scanned with authentication using the VM module,
 or this record type is not appropriate for the host."


The Domain Type used while creating the windows authentication record = NetBIOS, User-Selected IPs


I can login to those servers manually using the same credentials that I used to create authentication record.

On thing that is common to all these server is that after successful login using username and password the user is presented with a "Windows logon banner" with an "Ok" button on it. the login session starts only after clicking "Ok"?


Is it possible that qualys service account is unable to login when it faces a windows logon banner ?