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Session timeout

Question asked by Victor O on May 3, 2017
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I am currently working with the Qualys API V2 with the SimpleQAPI PHP class. However I am facing an issue which I cannot find a solution so I am asking for your help.


Here is my problem : I have a script which perform has to create multiple asset groups. The script logical is the following :

1. Get all asset groups in Qualys

2. Iterate all asset groups I have to add into Qualys

   a. If the asset group already exists in Qualys, it is removed, otherwise it is directly added into Qualys

Everything works fine if I don't have too many asset groups to add but the issue occur when I have approximately more than 6 asset groups to add. Indeed when this is the case my script stops and I get an error 500 and I presume it is caused by kind of timeout sent from the server side.


Have you any idea why my script crashes and if there is a workaround for that?


Thank you in advance.