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Single LAN on an appliance - no data is displayed

Question asked by Nigel Ellis on Mar 28, 2017

Only one VLAN (primary LAN) on an appliance not working. Get the error "No data is displayed due to one of the following reason:


I'm light discovery scanning the whole class C VLAN at layer 2. We're doing a large deployment of scanner appliances. We've got this issue on 3 appliances now. Tested on the LAN wire using a PC - all fine. Qualys support can see no LAN. The VLAN ID on VLAN is correctly set on the appliance as is the rest of the LAN config. We are running in split mode with the cloud connection on the WAN interface which is working fine through a web proxy to the Qualys cloud. I've also seen signs of this on appliances where we are scanning multiple trunked class C's where the odd VLAN isn't seen. Usually just swapping the primary LAN with another LAN in the VLAN list usually cures the issue. Obviously don't have this option with only one VLAN on an appliance(in a small perimeter network). Not sure if the two issues are related. We have an ongoing call open with Qualys Support. Has anyone experienced anything similar?