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Is QID 105231 (Administrator Group Members Enumerated) working for those of you who are using agents?

Question asked by psaux on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by fercho74

I've had a support ticket open for almost half a year on this and the only update I've really gotten is essentially "We will update you when we are updated". 


Question being, does QID 105231 work as intended for those of you who are leveraging the Qualys Cloud Agent?


As of right now we only leverage CA on Windows hosts in our DMZ. Back in October I noticed that QID 105231 was missing from any and all hosts leveraging the CA, which is strange. Sometime in late February I noticed that the QID is now showing up, however, the results section states "No members in this group". I have confirmed with one of our sys admins that this is incorrect.