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QID 370309 Malformed HTML

Question asked by Clayton Bell on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by Robert Dell'Immagine

QID 370309 - Apple GarageBand plugin import is getting rejected by Keylight for malformed html.   

The specific value is contained within the following solution.
<SOLUTION><![CDATA[Apple GarageBand 10.1.6 has been released to address this issue. The update can be downloaded and installed via <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Apple Downloads</A>.
Following are links for downloading patches to fix the vulnerabilities:
<P> <A HREF=""" TARGET="_blank">HT207518: GarageBand</A>]]></SOLUTION>
 ***The problem is the extra "  in the last line after <A HREF=


Is anyone else seeing the same problem?