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Asset Tracking (IP, DNS, AGENT, etc.)

Question asked by DMFezzaReed Employee on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by Felix Jimenez

djprakash you've been of great help to me in the past, and I am hoping you can assist me once again.  In my current situation, I am managing a subscription that has been active for over 6 years.  When implemented, Agentless tracking wasn't available.  When Agentless tracking was made available it was enabled.  Now we're in the era of the cloud agent.


When I search a client endpoint IP address, I will find an IP tracked host, a DSN tracked host and an AGENT tracked host. When I search a client endpoint DNS name, I will find multiple IP tracked hosts, perhaps a few DSN tracked hosts and an AGENT tracked host.


I have updated my reporting templates to merge agent and scan data, but alas, I am finding results for either more than one unique host, or results for a unique host but with different last detected dates/times.


How do I muster up the confidence to stand by the results of a qualys report with the mish-mash of information?


I can't purge just an IP tracked host, or just a DNS tracked host, or just an AGENT tracked host of they share the same IP or the same DNS.  


What do you recommend ?