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Network Error 5:QG SSL Cert Validation Failed

Question asked by Akhilesh Ray on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by Harun Rashid

Hi Everyone,


Few Days back we were facing an issue related to SSL certification validation failure while configuring our Virtual Scanner Appliance.We checked at IPS,Proxy and all the possible Layer 7 devices where this can be possible but resulted in vain.We even implemented any any rules on firewall to establish a secure communication between our scanner and Qualys SOC but nothing happened.


Later on after hours of struggle,we found that the scanner image that Qualys has provided has outdated certificate and due to that we were facing this issue. We were later informed by Qualys about updated image on Qualys portal and we were successful in configuring the scanner.


I just want to ask,if in future this certificate expires,what would be the impact and do we have to download the new image again?