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Cloud Agent IP address on Host Asset of Vulnerability Mangement

Question asked by Masatoshi Yomono on Feb 5, 2017

For instance, my AWS Linux servers are as below.

Hostname:EC2-01, private IP:, global IP:
Hostname:EC2-02, private IP:, global IP:
Hostname:EC2-03, private IP:, global IP:
Hostname:EC2-04, private IP:, global IP:


I've installed Qualys Cloud Agent on all EC2 instances and could find them on "Host Asset" of "Vulnerability Management" as below.


Tracking:AGENT, IP:, DNS:EC2-01
Tracking:AGENT, IP:, DNS:EC2-02
Tracking:AGENT, IP:, DNS:EC2-03
Tracking:AGENT, IP:, DNS:EC2-04


Please let me know how to change the global IP address of "EC2-04" to the private IP address on "Host Asset" as below.

Tracking:AGENT, IP:, DNS:EC2-04


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