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Cloud agent slow to update

Question asked by Leon O'Neill on Jan 28, 2017

Hi All,


I have a question that i hope you can help me with. 

I am currently trailing out the Qualys. Yesterday i installed the cloud agent on my iMac, after a few minutes my VM module was populated with new vulnerabilities. One of which was:

Apple macOS Sierra Security Update 10.12.3 Not Installed (APPLE-SA-2017-01-23-2)


I updated my mac to the 10.12.3 yesterday but this morning the vulnerability is still in Qualys. I checked the cloud agent and i see it checked in "4 minutes ago"


I have experience with the old convention scanning practice of scanning using appliances, in that case i would be able to kick off a scan but with the cloud agent i just seem to be waiting around for the system to update. 


Can anyone explain why this vulnerability is not removed from my VM tab?



I just realised that my cloud agent is stating that it is "pending assignment"

I also reviewed the training videos and it stated that i should see "Scan Complete" as the status, but i see "Inventory scan complete"



When i updated my iMac to 10.12.3 the update closed off another vulnerability 

Apple Safari 10.0.3 Not Installed (APPLE-SA-2017-01-23-5)

So this proves that the system seems to be working as expected however the Apple macOS Sierra vulnerability is still open. Does anybody have an explanation as to why this is the case?


Many thanks in advance