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Warnings in CloudAgent Log

Question asked by Andrew Warren on Jan 23, 2017

When checking the log file of multiple Widows based devices (Agent Version I am seeing multiple warning messages, multiple times a day. they are all based around this style of errors

01/23/2017 12:51:06.0300 Warning: GetLastError(): 123, Context: CFileScanner: m_state: "5", m_fileInfo->cFileName: "", m_parentID: "0", m_subdirectoryID: "0", m_path: "", m_directoryStack.size(): "0", m_filenameMatch: "NULL"


Somestimes the "m_path" variable is local, sometimes remote. Sometimes it referes to a drive that doesn't exisit on this host. (Simple Win7 VM with only C:\ and DVD drive (no ISO attached))


Is there detailed list of all the errors / Warnings? I found a breif list that was basic install errors but not on working agents.