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ssllabs Python API - new module, and request for name use

Question asked by Taylor Richberger on Jan 12, 2017

Hello.  I've been using the SSL Labs API from Python, but finding the existing module offerings to be largely insufficient for my uses (from an API useability, abstraction, code readability, and documentation perspective), I've built a fledgling Python module for it  (MIT Licensed).  It can be found in a GitHub repository, and the generated documentation lives in the repository's GitHub Pages.  It's only a few days old, and not even 1000 lines of code yet, but I do intend to polish it off and make it as usable as I expect from a library.  The API is not to be considered stable until it hits a 1.X release (which will be done when all of the API objects are properly abstracted, encapsulated, and documented).


I've done my very best to abide by the Qualys SSL Labs terms of use, but managed to read over the part specifying that I needed to ask permission before using the SSL Labs name.  May I continue to use the name ssllabs as the Python module?  I could change it otherwise, as the module is largely a means to an end (A client specifically asked for a command line interface for the SSL Labs SSL Test).


Thank you.


edit: forgot to mention, the best current example of the module's use is probably in its own main file: ssllabs/ at master · Taywee/ssllabs · GitHub