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Customized Scan report for scan analysis

Question asked by Rajni U on Jan 8, 2017

I am new to qualys. Was having difficulty in getting scan results from qualys for over more than 100 scans( weekly activity). Can we fetch data from scanned results for a particular time frame with particular data set. Quick search download is not helpful. It lists only few fields like:Title,Targets,User,Reference,Data,Status

I needed additional details for further analysis. Fields taken from report summary and other details like asset group, scanner name, scanned ips, cancelled ips, scanner name and severity etc.
In the current state i have to go individually under each scan and get additional details, which again involves manual invention and prone to error. Is there any way i can get these details from qualys in some customized report or sent to a DL via email. I could not find similar question in community so posting it across.