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Cloud Agent Communication Error

Question asked by fercho74 on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by ahorvath

Agents "loosing" connectivity to the Cloud Platform.  Windows agents will install client, register with platform, and appear to work for a bit.  Then they stop talking to the platform.  Agent systems are still on and running.  Service is running and can be restarted without issue.  But it never updates the agent status online.  I see the following in the agent logs:

11/12/2016 16:22:38.0661 Information: Proxy set for request.
11/12/2016 16:22:39.0253 Information: Allocating 282624 bytes (fragment size) for file buffer...
11/12/2016 16:22:39.0253 Information: Read 282624 bytes from file to transfer to server...
11/12/2016 16:22:39.0253 Information: Tx 282624 bytes to web service. 0/282624 completed.
11/12/2016 16:22:39.0285 Information: Tx 282624/282624 completed.
11/12/2016 16:22:39.0285 Information: Retrieving server HTTP(S) response...
11/12/2016 16:22:40.0579 Information: Http status code received: 503
11/12/2016 16:22:40.0611 Information: No more bytes available from server. 0 bytes received.
11/12/2016 16:22:40.0611 Error: Web service returned http status: 503

It appears to talk to the platform as it seems to "transfer" data (Tx 282624/282624 completed).  then the 503 happens for no reason. This is occurring on numerous machines systematically, currently about 2k machines out of 22k.

Looking for advice and help.  Ticket is also opened.